Who I Am

Hey! My name is Chris Coleman. My relationship with photography began back in 2008 when my father handed me his Canon Digital Rebel at my sister's wedding. I have since avidly pursued photography into several different fields. In 2012, I started working with a wedding photographer as a second as far as Miami, Florida . In early 2013, when I worked night shifts at my full-time job, I discovered the beauty of photographing cities at night by the glow of street lamps and enjoyed photographing urban scenes after dusk. However, I've always most enjoyed exploring our natural terrain and in the winter of 2013, I went on a solo photography backpacking trip through the Southwest. I have since hiked throughout the Appalachian Mountains in the South and several western states on photography trips and continue to enjoy searching for the perfect light.

I love just about anything photography, coffee, outdoor adventures, music, and fall weather.

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